That divine spark that sparkly-eyed mystics speak about with a cryptic smile and that religionists expound upon with fist-thumping zeal is your everyday ho-hum awareness. Become aware of your own awareness now and come face-to-face with the Mystery of Mysteries. It sounds ridiculous. But even the brainiest brainiac know-it-all scientific wiz shrugs helplessly at the incomprehensible puzzle of elementary apprehension. Awareness is the unknowable yet everpresent heart of existence. Infinitely pervasive, we take awareness for granted like the air we breathe. But the power of awareness is so awesome that if you truly grasped the inherent potency of your Being you would...

become divine

Realize this: you embody divinity. Let the idea sink in slowly. WOW! But before your head balloons and you run off to print a new set of business card realize this: so does everyone else. Everyone is inherently holy. Each one of us is endowed with the godly power to create. We do this as we wave around the magic wand of awareness and seed the world by enacting our conscious intentions. Think of consciousness as the movement of your heart-body-mind through awareness. As you think, feel, and act you plant seeds in the garden of the world. Ever wonder what kinds of karmic fruits trees are flowering in your garden?

Turning to science. Specifically noetic science which studies the influence of conscious intention on the material world. The evidence compiled so far strongly suggests that your thoughts and feelings impact the fabric of physical, chemical, and biological reality. As a quick example, during those times when world events take place (like the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games or the Academy Awards) random number generators tend to produce statistically significant number sequences. Focused consciousness appears to create order non-locally at the quantum level. Incredible!

More noetic science. A group of meditators at Stanford University were able to change the pH of water by a factor of 1 using their intention. But it gets weirder. The room where the experiment was conducted appeared to “remember” their intention and continued to change the pH of other solutions that were not subject to focused intention. They concluded that...

space knows and time remembers

Welcome to the wonderfully bizarre noetic reality you’ve been swimming in all along. Now let’s switch tracks from science to ethics. How does one behave in a reality where conscious awareness is recognized as a real force of nature? How do we relate to each other understanding that the Kosmos knows and remembers? How should we manage our shadow projections when they continuously shape the world around us? Noetic science invites back into social discourse many of the traditional concepts surrounding spirituality that were dismissed as anachronisms, chief among them the value of


We’re going to have to reframe our values in the light of the emerging vision of a noetic reality. Religion, ethics, psychology, relationships, business, economics, and politics will have to undergo a developmental push to higher ground to cohere with the laws of the noetic universe. What will this nascent worldview look like? The fuzzy contours of a vision are surfacing. My calling involves venturing deeper into the question and discovering healthy ways to integrate awakened consciousness into culture and daily life.


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